Tuesday, August 2, 2011

OCTOBER 15th wtf?!

Due to unforseen consequences of a late season race wrought with all the debauchery a group of underground mountain bikers can muster the BYC has been moved up to 10/15. Hopefully this won't mess with your hardcore training schedule too much. Hell we're all in top shape right?! At least I won't freeze my $@({ off this year. There have been a few changes on the farm. Sadly the farm house is no more but don't fret because there is still a shed that will substitute nicely as a haunted barn filled with fog and..... well you'll find out. A straight-line wind blew through and knocked down about 50 trees that we are still cleaning up. A few more man hours should remedy the situation. Lastly after the potluck dinner we ask that this be an adults only event. We all love kids but realize that it's not the best time for the little ones to be running around. Now where'd I put that tallboy.........

*EDIT* We moved the date back due to the USGP CCX in Sun Prairie on 9/24.
**EDIT** We realized we may have been a little harsh with the kiddies. Do bring them to enjoy the festivities.