Monday, October 20, 2014

Wow that was fun!!!!

Year 6 is in books and it was a record breaker! 68 competitors, 2 women's teams (Should have been 3!), a ton of kids in the little shredders race, 80+ degrees, 25+ people camping, 217 lbs 9 oz of food pantry donations plus $28. It is always so much fun to have all you down on the farm. There is nothing like hanging out with a bunch of mountain bikers. Period. We had quite a few new faces and several had never raced before. Good thing they didn't know what they were in for! Of course once you've been to the BYC you always want to come back! I know without a doubt we made Justin proud. He looked forward to the BYC all year and embodied what we want the BYC to be. We miss you buddy.

Thank you to:

John and Kattia for letting us come back year after year to let loose and play on the farm.

The VBC prep crew: Cyle, Greg W, Wade, Terry, Jeff, John, Shelby, Coleman, Steve, and Greg H for all the hard work that was put in to get ready for this year's event. Next year maybe a ring of fire to ride through? A bus full of strippers? Rabid trail gnomes? Just make sure your shots are current.

Race day volunteers: Jamie, Kathy, Matt, Shelby, Derek, Scot, Crystal, and Nick for helping John and I pull together all the details that make the BYC run so flawlessly.

Nick C for the mobile DJ equipment. Maybe we won't temporarily break it next year.

Wade for securing the vintage brews. Hope for a return of Pumpkin DO in 2015!

Event photographers for showing everyone else what they missed and the attendees what they might not want remember.

Planet Bike for the awesome raffle swag!

Devon for the second quaffing table. People actually looked like they knew what they were doing! Maybe Ana will let him race next year.

Coleman for leading the kids race and the tasty breakfast and second breakfast.

Shelby for the nifty race awards and kids awards.

Dusty for another kick ass shirt design! I think these shirts are a lot of people's go-to bike shirt.

Greg for the always enjoyed fire tower. Maybe steel reinforcements will defeat the Iowan. Of course he is crazy so probably no.

The participants for making all of the hard work worth while and giving all of us the necessary excuse to pass out by the fire way too early!

Food pantry tally - 217 lbs of unexpired food and $28! Great job and keep it coming!

If you lost something let us know. We didn't find much which is kind of unusual. That does mean you all heard John and took your crap home :D


From Cyle's wonderful wife:

From Jeff:


Due to poor formatting their was a scoring snafu for the Coed cat. We don't have extra awards so Nick and Danielle will receive liquid awards. I do apologize and will make sure the scoring is more straightforward next year.

Women 1st place: Brianna and Megan
              2nd place: Julie and Danielle

Coed 1st place: Abby and Dave                Correct placing 1st place: Abby and Dave
          2nd place: Kristi and Jeff                                          2nd place: Danielle and Nick
          3rd place: Chris and Whitney                                   3rd place: Kristi and Jeff

Men 1st place: Ryan and Alex
         2nd place: Casey and Michael
         3rd place: Paul and David

Junior: 1st place: Thayne and Aidan

Extra shirt order: Please email me with your order at j w henry 21 at gmail dot com. Specify M, W or youth, blue or pink, and size. I will place the order next Monday the 27th. If you did not get a shirt as a participant please include that. I have a list that I would like to confirm. All other shirts are $10 due when you receive the shirt.

Look for us to return in October next year!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Looking For a Partner and Other Details You Need to Know

I hope you are as excited as we are to have you all back on the farm!

I apologize for the wordiness of this post but it does include all of the details you need. We will have a few extra shirts for those that did not pre-order. I should be able to place another order if we run out.

If you are in need of a partner please take a look on the CORP forums here:

You can email me as well and I will help if I can.

BYC 2014 Details

Date - 9/27- 28/2014

Registration - 11:20 - 12:15   Don't wait until the last minute AGAIN this time!

Racer Meeting – 12:45

Race Start - 1:00

Kids Race - 3:15  Grab a beer and watch the young shredders throw down after the big kids race

Gelande Quaffing - Directly after the kids race - approximately 3:45

What - Crazy cycling/gelande quaffing duo endurance biathlon followed by a potluck dinner and partying into the night

Where - John and Kattia's Farm; 9658 E Perry Center Rd, Mount Horeb, WI; an awesome little farm in a valley south of Mount Horeb

Why - Because you don't want to miss the best MTB event in Wisco!

Who - Anyone and their kids

Lodging - Free overnight camping is available onsite; there is limited space for camper parking as well; the porta-johnny is back!

Dinner - POTLUCK - please bring one dish per racer to pass (spectators can bring one dish per couple), a grill will be available. Don't forget dishes are tied to bonus points!

Norwegian Fire Log/Bonfire - Weather permitting

Sunday – Breakfast by Coleman with bloody mary’s to remedy that hangover

Beverages - Will be available for the biathlon as well beverages from the Vintage for dinner; please BYOB for all of your other needs

Course Features - 1.5 mile hilly short track (expect 7 - 15 minute laps); Haunted barn, CX barriers, hay wagons,  log crossings, teeter totter, livestock (pot belly pigs, goats, and chickens)

Fee - $20 to cover shirts, breakfast, insurance, the plastic box with a toilet, beverages, and other misc. expenses

Donation - The VBC is asking participants and spectators to bring 2 unexpired canned items per person to donate to the local food pantry. Let's beat the 137 lbs total from last year! Don't forget donations are tied to bonus points!

Let me start by saying that although this is a race, it is for fun, so those of you that feel you don't like to compete should have no excuse for not coming out and having a good time. This particular event will be focused on  endurance or rather how many laps can be put down and bonuses accumulated in 2 hours. This event uses a duo format so you only really have to ride for about an hour. The standard egg baton, costume, and underwear bonuses are in place. Let's get CREATIVE with those costumes and remember spandex does not count toward the underwear bonus! Most of you know what gelande quaffing entails but in case you have been living under a rock…….click on the vids to the right. Don't be intimidated by the athleticism displayed in some of the vids. We are just as health conscious as the next hardcore mountain biker in training. We will go with 6 oz pours of delicious golden nectar. Sunday morning will bring bloody mary’s with breakfast to shake off that hangover from the delicious Vintage beverages we are getting for dinner!

A few things to make sure you bring:
Teammate – Let us know if you are looking or check here: There is always someone standing around that can ride a bike.
Entry fee – please bring exact change and we prefer cash
Potluck dish – 1 per racer or one per spectating couple
2 food pantry donations – Please pay attention to the date!
Costume and/or underwear
Sleeping bag
Weather appropriate clothes – the forecast always looks promising
Chair for the bonfire
Beverages for your bonfire bs'ing
Flashlight/head lamp for the late night trip to the barn for left overs
Water to keep you in top shape

Biathalon Details:

MTB Race:
Format - Duo (male, female, coed, or junior - 10 - 18 and confident on the trail)
2 hour - The last lap must be completed before time expires
Lap rule - Teammates can't be more than 2 laps apart
Costume/underwear - PG13 rated - there will be kids around
Altering or shortcutting the course = DQ

Successful completion of the egg baton: Don't crack your egg! = 2 laps overall. The egg must be carried somewhere on the rider or the bike at all times. You choose the means.
Consuming your raw uncracked egg = 1 lap overall
Costume = 2 laps overall per rider and must be worn for at least 2 laps
Underwear - wearing only tighty whities or granny panties and a bra = 1 lap overall per rider (Lycra, boxers, and boxer briefs do not count)
All bonuses must be acknowledged by the scorekeeper in the bonus box– Don’t assume we noticed your goofy ass costume or those spiffy underwear!
Vomiting = 1 lap penalty per instance
Not bringing a dish for the potluck = 1 lap penalty per rider
Not bringing a food pantry donation = 2 lap penalty per rider

Gelande Quaffing: this portion is optional* for male, female, and coed teams
Format - 90 sec rounds
The ‘quaffer’ must be 2’ from the edge of the table and must catch the mug in the AIR
Players must alternate positions for each turn
Positions can’t be exchanged until the mug in play touches the table top
6 oz. pours

Mug catch = 1 pt
Handle catch = 1 pts
360 deg catch = 2 pts
Under the leg catch = 2 pts
Wearing your costumes during quaffing = 2 pts
1 pt = 1 lap

Placing will determined by a composite score from both events.

*Must be 21 or older to quaff. 

All biathlon related details (except duration and team makeup) are subject to change prior to the event.

"Get on that training biatches!" - The BYC trail boss

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Shirt Pre-order And Other Updates

It's cooling off and I don't have any spare time (except for drinking excellent beers) so we must be close!

We are going to do something a little different this year with the shirts. We are going to try a pre-order so more people walk away with a shirt they asked for rather than a somewhat random pile of shirts that were ordered based on my impeccable accuracy. So here they are!

Reply to me via email with your name, a color (blue or pink) and guys, girls, or kids. Your day-of-race entry fee will cover one shirt. Additional shirts or shirts for non-racers are $10. The preorder closes Sunday 9/14 at midnight. So don’t hesitate to send me an email at jwhenry21 AT gmail DOT com!

For the ladies: Please include an alternate mens size shirt in case we don’t hit the price break.

Updated event notes:
Entry - $20/racer Sorry. Inflation is a bitch.
Registration is in the shed where the potluck is held.
There are three wagon jumps this year. The new one isn't as sketchy as the old ones.
The teeter totter will be reworked so it actually functions as intended. Whatever that means.
John got new layers. That is farmer speak for hens.
There is a new disco ball in the shed for the late night dance off with Mad Mad Marcus and the Bo$$lady.

​Updated rules:
Still working on some tweaks.

Monday, August 18, 2014

WTF? August is almost over?!

The VBC crew is in prep mode and to sate our die hard participants here a couple tidbits for this year's event. The first is a preview of the shirt and I hope I don't need to explain the second!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2014 BYC Date

Mark your calendars for September 27th - 28th!