Thursday, September 24, 2009

Date - 11/7/09
Race Start - 1 pm
Be there by - 12:30 so we can sign your bitch ass up
What - Crazy cycling/drinking duo endurance race and maybe a skid contest or scavenger hunt
Where - John and Kattia's Farm, 9658 Perry Center Rd., a farm in a valley South of Mt. Horeb on JG.
Why - Because November sucks and I like BEER
Who - Anyone and their kids
Lodging - Free overnight tent camping is available
Food and Drink - POTLUCK - please bring something to pass, grill available, BON FIRE weather permitting
Course Features - Hilly short track (expect 15-20 minute lap times), haunted abandoned house, barns/sheds, livestock (goats, pot belly pigs, chickens), log and hay wagon crossings
Kids Race - Sit back and watch the future hipsters tear it up
Fee - $5 donation to cover prizes and other misc. expenses

Let me start by saying that although this is a race, it is for fun, so those of you that feel you don’t like to compete should have no excuse for not coming out to have a good time. This particular event will be focused on endurance or rather how many beers and laps can be put down in 2 hours. Are you serious?! 2 hours?! Yeah the race is 2 hours.....BUT this race features the DUO! Yes that's right! You only have to race for 1 hour then subtract the time you spend drinking during the race and you only have to ride for something like 40 mins. 30 if the suds agree with you! There will be the standard costume, beer, and underwear bonuses. We better see some sweet costumes being right after Halloween and all. Check the pics the of the killer loop!

Race Details:

Lap bonus:

- Successful completion of egg baton. Don’t crack your egg! - 0.5 lap overall
- Consuming your raw egg - 1 lap overall
- Beers consumed between laps. This is a fatigue factor, not a “can I get bombed”. Please act responsibly. - 0.5 laps per beer - Costumes - PG13 rated - 0.5 laps per each lap worn
- Underwear - Only wearing tighty whities or grandma panties and a bra for the women - 0.5 laps per each lap completed in underwear

- Blue Ribbon - correct count of the PBR ribbons on the Blue Ribbon trail - 1 lap overall

- Vomiting - 1 lap per instance
- Tampering with the blue ribbons or the course - DQ
- Not bringing food for the potluck - 1 lap

Teams: Coed or Male
2 Hour Race with the most laps completed within 2 hours. Separate classes for male & coed teams. Tandem bikes are allowed, although switchbacks may prove quite challenging.

The course via Google Earth. Notice the sweet bonfire! That was a tough one to draw. The camping and parking area will be btween the bonfire and the timing tent. The potluck will be in the garage which is symbolized by the blue rectangle with white fill. The kids race will follow the green route. If you want a better copy of the map just shoot me an email.

An appropriate way to start things off!

A cliff on the way to the top

The high roller suite

The start of the Blue Ribbon trail we cut on Sunday

More Blue Ribbon

The end of Blue Ribbon

The Barnyard

The Back Stretch

Through the old barn

Over the wagon


Needs something.....

And out

Just in case......

The following are pics of the local wildlife that may be seen during the race

I'm not sure how to explain the last one.....

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