Monday, October 17, 2011


BYC 2011 is in the bag. Once again we had kick ass weather and good company. I hope fun was had by all and judging by the amount of beer that was left (not much) much fun was had. The pictures say it all with smiles, cheers, faces of pain from those little hills, beer being consumed, and tons of bikes. The potluck wasn’t too shabby either. If you didn’t spend the night you truly missed out on an awesome breakfast from Coleman with two different kinds of quiche and a killer french toast casserole. The bloody’s were good too. Now for a roll call of thank you’s.

John and Kattia : Thank you for letting us take over the farm for a weekend to blow off some steam. It truly wouldn’t be the BYC without you. The fireworks were damn sweet too. And thanks to John for being an awesome co-director.

Dusty Rhodes: for the awesome shirt design. We may need more next year once everyone sees this one.

Coleman: for all the tasks you helped out with and the cure to my hangover Sunday morning.

Shelby: for picking up the slack and securing the kids prizes.

Wade: for the Vintage keg run!

Devon: for the superior photography skills you brought with you.

Nick and Danielle: The PA system to keep the vibe going long into the night.

Greg: for the tower of fire that kept everyone one warm and gave Jeff a reason to jump the fire too many times.

Taco Terry: you need a downhill rig if you are going to keep riding that hard! I never did figure out what the firewood did to you……

Race day volunteers – Ana, Jess, Danielle, Walker, Allison, and John’s mom and stepdad: I hope it was a little more organized than it has been in the past. You guys made it easy for me.

VBC Prep Crew: We spent a lot of hours clearing the downed trees, mowing, leaf blowing, firewood gathering, rebuilding trail, and course marking and set-up. Maybe we can get away with a few less hours next year.

Thanks again for coming out and partying with us. I will update later with a food pantry tally. It was more than last year for sure.

A few items were left behind and all we need is a description for you to get the item back.

Pictures courtesy of Devon can be found here.

The course profile can be found here.

I will post a few more in the next few days.

Hunter S Thompson says “See you again in 2012. Be ready for anything!!!”

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