Monday, November 4, 2013

Better late than never!

Wow! 55 racers! It was a perfect day down on the farm with a bunch of cool people. I have to admit I was getting nervous as the parking area was filling up. Thankfully we had a great group of volunteers and only had a couple hitches during registration. With the big turn out there were plenty of costume and underwear laps to keep it entertaining. Greg made us laugh when he biffed the second wagon jump and proved that we are still too close to the goat pen. I'm pretty sure everyone had a great time given the compliments and the crowd that hung around into the night. We'll be back next with a few improvements for a larger crowd. 

Thank you to:

John and Kattia for continuing to let us have this great event on their awesome farm

The VBC prep crew: Cyle, Greg W, Greg H, Wade, Terry, Jeff,  Shelby, and Coleman for all the hard work that was put in to get ready for this year's race. Hopefully you liked the trail improvements. 

Race day volunteers: Jaimie, Cathy, Matt, Derek, Shane, and Nikki for helping John and I pull together all the details that make the BYC run so flawlessly

Wade for securing the Vintage connection and finishing the keg of Scaredy Cat

Tim for making sure we get to see everyone at their best for years to come

Coleman and Shelby for the raffle prizes

Planet Bike for the outstanding selection of raffle prizes

Coleman for leading the kids race 

Shelby for getting the kids their race goodies and the great breakfast

John's mom for the nifty awards

Dusty for an awesome shirt! Maybe a bike riding farm animal chimera next year?

Greg for the fire tower. We have to find a way to defeat Jeff!

The participants for helping us make this one of the most unique mountain bike events around! I heard several people repeat that they couldn't believe they hadn't been to the BYC before. Now you know and we expect you back next year!

Food pantry tally - 137 lbs. We did get 23 lbs of expired items :(

There weren't many items left behind that weren't Chuck's. Let us know if you are still missing something. 

Pics: John and Tim's


Coed   1st place: Jeff and Kristi
            2nd place: Nick and Danielle
            3rd place: Erik and Sara

Men     1st place: Ryan and Chris
            2nd place: Kevin and Greg
            3rd place: Casey and Michael

We can't wait to see you on the farm next year!

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